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In this project, I designed a promotional package for Neenah Paper's Astrobrights®. The promotional package includes a swatch book, a motion graphics video, and a website. 

swatch book


With fun and playful names like “Cosmic Orange™,” “Fireball Fuchsia™,” and “Venus Violet,” I am interested in designing Astrobrights® promotional products surrounding the theme of outer space. Inspired by the sleek and timelessness of mid-20th century modern graphic design and elements of NASA’s 1975 Brand Identity, the design of the promotional products will include simple, printed and die-cut geometric shapes and forms and minimal text on graphics to highlight the papers’ superior quality, brilliant colors, and capabilities. Designed to be placed inside in a three-ring binder with a magnetic closure, the swatches and informational booklet will list and demonstrate the features and benefits of the paper and will also include design elements and puns related to outer space. My goal is to present how Astrobrights® paper is out of this world!

Untitled_Artwork 7.png
Untitled_Artwork 7.png


promo video



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